About Me

Mmm, waffles.
Howdy! I'm Noll. I'm a frequently-sleep-deprived adult-in-denial.

I spend most of my time reading, watching BBC series, playing video games, drawing cartoons, cuddling the family dog, and listening to Taylor Swift at inadvisable audio levels. I'm pretty passionate about all of the above things, except maybe Taylor Swift - my fandom of whom I am also in denial about. I also love travelling, but I don't get to do that so much -and in fairness, where I live (Cork, Ireland), ain't half bad.

Now that you know more about me than you really wanted to, feel free to leave a comment anywhere you find a comment box, and if you'd like to critcize me directly I can be reached at nollaig.bcf@gmail.com.

Parts of this blog are still under construction, so apologies if you find any dead links or ungodly walls of text in your travels.

Thanks for visiting!

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